What is My Healthy Kidney?

My Healthy Kidney is a custom application designed to help doctors, patients and the public make smart, healthy dietary choices with an emphasis on renal nutrition. Our nutritional recommendations are based on calculations and algorithms developed over years by leading Renal specialists that now use My Healthy Kidney to create food plans for their patients. Simply enter in basic information about yourself, search for a food product and we’ll deliver customized nutrient recommendations. This takes the guessing game out of what you can or cannot eat, tailored to your specific diagnosis. It is our goal to help eliminate the frustration patients feel when their doctor tells them to avoid foods high in sodium or phosphorus while also giving the doctors a simple tool to create handouts for patients to reference.

Doctors now have to spend less time explaining which foods have which nutrients while patients can make healthier choices, it’s a  win, win! Go ahead and get started with My Healthy Kidney

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About Us

Developed by AgileRank, LLC, a Minority Owned and Center for Veterans Enterprise (CVE) certified Service­Disabled VeteranOwned Small Business (SDVOSB) IT firm based out of the Washington DC metropolitan area. We are a small team of talented  and devoted software engineers and medical professionals with a goal to deliver highly customizable, beautiful, powerful and  reliable applications with intuitive designs. We strive to make products that harness what makes technology so powerful, to make  the lives of the user easier. With My Healthy Kidney we want a product that can be used by both doctors and patients to make  nutrition decisions simple and get rid of the confusion that many people experience with knowing which foods contain certain  nutrients. Our goal is to help guide you to a healthier you!

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